How do I keep my necklace/earrings clean?

it is perfectly safe to spot clean your necklace/ Earrings using a mild soap and some water. I would wet the affected area thoroughly with warm water and lather up the soap in your hands and rub it into the place you would like to clean.  Rinse with cool water, squeeze out the excess moisture with a towel and lay it flat to dry. When you are cleaning a necklace with a veg tan cord, be very careful to not get the cord wet to avoid water spots.

Note: I would recommend using a pale coloured bar soap to clean your necklace, as some detergents could colour the wool.

Is there a front and a back to my braided necklace?

yes. I have designed each piece so that the fishtail braid is best viewed on one side. If you hold the lobster clasp in your right hand when you are putting it on, your piece will be facing the right way.  One side shows the wool in more of a wrapped pattern and the other shows off the braid. If you prefer one way, I will not hold you back from doin' it the way you like it.

How should I store my MJD Pieces to avoid pilling of the wool?

You Should always hang your necklace up, or lay it flat on a clean surface when you aren't wearing it. Avoid tossing it in your bag, as friction causes natural fibers to pill. The Earrings come in a small jewelry box and should be kept in this box so that they maintain their helix shape. You can give them a little twist in the direction they are twirling if they get squished or lose their shape.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. I like creating custom colour ways for clients and would be happy to accommodate your vision if I can. Also, if you see a piece on my instagram feed that you like, but its not available in my shop, feel free to email me and I will see if I have the right items in stock to make it happen.